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20th Anniversary for Alerion Express

January 28, 2011
 Pearson Marine Group, whose Alerion Express 28 is widely credited with creating the popular category of “gentlemen’s daysailer” when introduced twenty years ago, is marking this epoch with a special edition. The Alerion Express 20th Anniversary model will be distinctive with several special features, a few of which are unique, and reasonably priced but strictly limited in availability to just five boats.28 Anniv. with logo

 Each of the special edition Alerion Express 28’s will be fitted with electric propulsion, using the most advanced sailboat e-drive afloat. Developed in collaboration with Mastervolt BV, who incidentally is celebrating that Company’s 20th Anniversary this year as well, this sealed electric pod-drive is soundless, environmentally pure, and extraordinarily e-ffective.  Its high-torque performance, regenerative capabilities and no-maintenance characteristics make this a perfect propulsion system for the Alerion Express 28.

The anniversary model will be distinctive and easily identifiable afloat with a custom tan deck color and choice of Awlgrip topsides .  North Sails’  full-batten mainsail will carry a special Alerion Sailing anniversary logo; Halls Spars has created its own special edition spar. Recessed into the teak cockpit sole, a bronze plaque commemorates the date and identifies that each is an Anniversary edition. Furthermore, a matching half model is included and a special edition varnished tiller that includes a leather grip and an inlaid Alerion logo.

The Alerion Express 28 was the first to confirm in a modern design the allure of a true “gentleman’s daysailer.”  This unleashed a raft of imitations and elaborations from competitors, none of which have proven to offer the enduring value of the original Alerion Express 28 whose popularity continues to expand.  The design has incorporated and demonstrated the value of new technologies that have been adopted by others; among these is the Hoyt Jib boom which makes performance and jib-handling more effective yet simpler. The addition of the optional electric propulsion is sure to attract even more admirers.  Be sure to contact us if you’re interested in this unique edition. 

Click here to see learn more about the electric AE33 we built last year.

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  1. Bill Wilkinson permalink
    February 10, 2011 4:34 pm

    Congratulations with your plans to install an electric drive in your Alerion 28. I believe it is the best modern solution for sailboat power, and is especially suited to daysailing with dockside power available after sailing.

    Does this electric option increase the cost of the boat (compared to diesel power)?

    Bill Wilkinson

    • February 10, 2011 4:51 pm

      Hi Bill,

      Our partnership with mastervolt has allowed us to utilize their electric propulsion system with a mimimal difference in price when compared to a diesel installation. Although the use of Lithium Ion batteries provides some additional range and charging benefits, the “slimline” series of AGM batteries that we’re using on the 28 are prefect for most daysailing excursions. Overall, the price of the Anniversary Edition is pretty attractive, however, availability is limited.

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