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Success at the Vineyard Cup!

July 20, 2011

This was a great year for Alerion at the Vineyard Cup!  We had six boats on the line, perfect conditions, great company and even better results.   “Osprey” a 2011 AE38 won the entire regatta on corrected time.  This was quite a feat considering the 95-boat-regatta was littered with numerous competitive boats; 10+ Morris’s, J boats’, Sabres and other reputable manufacturers.  With  4 AE38’s and 2  AE28’s in attendance, the starting line was quite a sight.   The competition was noticeable in the Alerion Fleet but the good company and friendly spirit of our Alerion owners prevailed!

Both Friday and Saturday of the event were near perfect conditions; 80 degrees and sunny, 12-16 knots of wind out of the southwest. On Sunday the wind built to 30 – 34 knots.  Everyone handled the conditions in style and despite gentle suggestions, nobody reefed!  The result was a 20 mile race that was over quickly!

After each day of racing everyone congregated at The Black Dog wharf in Vineyard Haven for cocktails and live music provided by the Vineyard Cup.   If you weren’t able to join us this year consider making plans to come next summer.   The Vineyard is a  truly a spectacular place to visit; especially by boat.  This event is a great excuse to visit and enjoy everything the island has to offer.

The Alerion 41!

July 12, 2011

So, we’ve been hard at work over the past several months with our owners working on the design of the latest Alerion model. The Alerion 41 is the result of listening carefully to what the Alerion family truly wants in their “dream” Alerion.   Standing headroom, two private cabins, and a convertible swim platform are just a few of the features that have grabbed the attention of the early buyers.  Of course single-handed sailing with great performance comes standard; so does interior and exterior varnish as well as the choice of Awlgrip hull color.  With the first three hulls spoken for we’re off and running and excited to talk about this new model.  We’ve even built a full size mock-up of the interior here at our factory!  To download a complete brochure on this brand new model  click here (this may take a few seconds) or contact us.

Custom Alerion Sport 33 heads to the water..

March 30, 2011

Take a tour of this remarkable boat built for a very discerning client.  Black topsides, tan boot, tan deck and teak decks = beautiful.  Enjoy the video…

20th Anniversary for Alerion Express

January 28, 2011
 Pearson Marine Group, whose Alerion Express 28 is widely credited with creating the popular category of “gentlemen’s daysailer” when introduced twenty years ago, is marking this epoch with a special edition. The Alerion Express 20th Anniversary model will be distinctive with several special features, a few of which are unique, and reasonably priced but strictly limited in availability to just five boats.28 Anniv. with logo

 Each of the special edition Alerion Express 28’s will be fitted with electric propulsion, using the most advanced sailboat e-drive afloat. Developed in collaboration with Mastervolt BV, who incidentally is celebrating that Company’s 20th Anniversary this year as well, this sealed electric pod-drive is soundless, environmentally pure, and extraordinarily e-ffective.  Its high-torque performance, regenerative capabilities and no-maintenance characteristics make this a perfect propulsion system for the Alerion Express 28.

The anniversary model will be distinctive and easily identifiable afloat with a custom tan deck color and choice of Awlgrip topsides .  North Sails’  full-batten mainsail will carry a special Alerion Sailing anniversary logo; Halls Spars has created its own special edition spar. Recessed into the teak cockpit sole, a bronze plaque commemorates the date and identifies that each is an Anniversary edition. Furthermore, a matching half model is included and a special edition varnished tiller that includes a leather grip and an inlaid Alerion logo.

The Alerion Express 28 was the first to confirm in a modern design the allure of a true “gentleman’s daysailer.”  This unleashed a raft of imitations and elaborations from competitors, none of which have proven to offer the enduring value of the original Alerion Express 28 whose popularity continues to expand.  The design has incorporated and demonstrated the value of new technologies that have been adopted by others; among these is the Hoyt Jib boom which makes performance and jib-handling more effective yet simpler. The addition of the optional electric propulsion is sure to attract even more admirers.  Be sure to contact us if you’re interested in this unique edition. 

Click here to see learn more about the electric AE33 we built last year.


Sport 33 Mini- Review in Cruising World Magazine

January 7, 2011

Sailing Tips from an AE28 Veteran

December 14, 2010

The most critical thing to remember when sailing an Alerion upwind is that you are trimming four foils. What you do with the sails affects the angle of attack of the keel by either increasing or decreasing leeway. Sail trim also affects the amount of helm on the rudder when sailing upwind. You always want to sail the boat upwind with minimal helm. Use your tiller extension, even if you are sitting in the cockpit. If you can’t easily steer the boat using two fingers on the extension, you have too much helm. The cramp in your fingers will be your first clue that you are not trimmed correctly. Here are a few basic tips:

1)     Probably the two most important strings on the boat are the backstay and the jib outhaul. The backstay allows you to control the power in the main. More backstay tension will yield a flatter and therefore less powerful main. If you have helm Pull in on the backstay! The jib outhaul allows you to control the twist of the jib and therefore the slot between the main and the jib.

2)     Never sail the boat upwind with the traveler centered. It should always be between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way down.  In lighter air it should be 2/3 down and the mainsheet relatively tighter in order to get the force vectors facing as far forward as possible.

3)     The aft end of the jib boom should never be inside the edge of the cabin top. If it is, you are guaranteed to sail slow. The slot needs to stay open to promote good air flow between the main and the jib. If you are carrying a big bubble in the main it could be because the main is too full, but more likely it is because you have the jib boom too far inboard and/or are carrying too much tension on the jib outhaul, thereby preventing the jib leach from twisting.

Ralf Morgan, Hull # 272

Sailing With Dolphins

December 14, 2010

Peter Primont, owner of Alerion 38 #17 lives his life driven by his passions.  When it was time to ignite his passion for sailing, this Long Island native new exactly where to turn.   Until 3 years ago, when Peter wasn’t managing his successful Music publishing business, he was spending his leisure time playing golf.  Since catching the sailing bug, he has yet to return to the golf course.  This past summer we had the pleasure of watching and supporting Peter and his wife, Sheila sail their Alerion Express 38, “Fancy Boy” in the Vineyard Cup.  His competence as a sailor was reflected in the race results.  He defeated a number of  fast sailboats to get sixth overall!  After the race, Peter and Sheila enjoyed a leisurely cruise back to their hometown in Manhasset, Long Island.  Peter emphasises that the single handed ease and large cockpit on the Alerion Express 38 compliments their lifestyle perfectly.  Having  the capability of sailing for an hour or cruising for a week on Long Island Sound is what enables him to pursue his passion for sailing.

 In addition to Peter’s delightful trip to the Vineyard last summer, his most memorable moment came rather unexpectedly.   Peter and Sheila were relaxing in their harbor in Larchmont, New York when they heard on the radio that a pod of dolphins had  surfaced nearby.  They quickly tossed off the mooring and sailed over to the location called out on the radio.  Upon arriving, they found themselves surrounded by more than 150 dolphins swimming and jumping out of the water as if they had always been there.  Those of you who are distantly familiar with the waters around New York City will agree that this is truly a rare sight!   Check out this short video.

 We wish Peter and Sheila more memorable experiences on the Alerion 38 and we’re looking forward to seeing them, as well as a few other 38 owners from New York at the 2011 Vineyard Cup.